The rapid development of environmentally friendly paints has also led to the decline of environmental protection coating technology. With the increase in the use of water-based paints, the rate of deterioration, damage and tarnishing of vehicle surfaces due to various abrasive effects has begun to increase. The main factors that damage car paint; pollution, mud, bird droppings, traffic soot, tree sap, hydrocarbons and chemical cleaners. Due to the eco-friendly paints used today, the environmental risk of damaging car paints has increased due to sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, freezing and oxidation.

     In a nutshell, it's the process of creating a micro-ceramic coating with a smooth surface that cross-links with the surface by penetrating the deepest points of the pores on your vehicle's surface with application. "Porcelain manor". "Ceramic Coating" is an application that forms a "covalent" bond with the applied surface, creating a 9H pencil hard surface. Although the technology was originally developed for the aircraft industry, it has been used in a variety of fields, including NASA, the space industry, and eventually the automotive industry.
Macar Pro Ceramic Coating is warranted for up to 10 years against the following problems after application at services authorized by Macar Pro.
  • Prevents minor scratches at the hairline caused by external factors such as washing brushes and/or fixing them with external intervention (applying paste) before they go down into the coat,
  • Ensure that elements containing large amounts of acids, such as bird droppings, do not cause permanent damage to the paint,
  • Guaranteed water slide feature,
  • Guarantees long-lasting paint protection, provided the vehicle is washed in the recommended shapes and positions after application,
  • Ensure that factors such as road salts and acid rain do not cause minor scratches on the vehicle.
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