WHY Should Anti - fogging Agent For Glass COVER ?

Anti - fogging Agent For Glass
Adopting With US nanotechnology glass anti-fog formula, this product make an anti-fog layer between water molecule and the glass to destroy the tension of the water molecules and atomize the surface layer. Then water fog can not be into, or just become the small Water drops that will slide down automatically, which keep the glass more clearer.


How to apply:

1.Clean the glass by water and dry it out with towel

2.Shake well and spray a little an the glass

3.Apply evenly by towel(Be careful not to wipe it hard so as not to affect the effect.)

4.Wait for dryness

Automotive  Anti - fogging Agent  For Glass

Make clear, anti-fog glass to help you drive safely 

Glass anti fogging we are professional

01 Convenient Anytime and anywhere, spay and wipe, finish coating quickly

02  Long lasting Up to 60days, glve you a clear vision and lessen your worry

03   Capacity

Small capacity, Huge power, 100ml be used for 10 cars. 1 car glass coating only needs 10ml.

04  Safe Not contain harmful ingredient and stimulating smell. Environmental friendly.

Application tips

01 How to reach better anti-fogging effect?

Before coating, clean greasy dirt on glass,dry it out. Suggest to use glass cleaner

When coating.avoid overusing and wiping unevenly. Spay 30cm"30cm area one time

After Spraying. wipe in straight line with new towel, dry out Only

use for anti fog .not for anti-frost

02 Where can be used? Can it be used on any material?

Anti-coating coating can be used on kinds of glass surface, such as car front glass, mirror, window any glass material, automobile solar film.

It is useless on resin lens such as sunglasses, helmet and organic glass and plastic. 

03 How long keep after coating? How many times can it be used?

The time of effect keeping is related to the amount of fog. The lesser, the longer. Generally speaking. 60 days can be last after the car glass coating. While 7-15 days can be last when used in the heavy-fogging and high-humidity environment.

1 bottle glass 100ml, can be used 10 times for whole car.


WHY Should Anti - fogging Agent  For Glass COVER ? 

  • All-season protection suitable for all geographical locations.
  • Delays the forming of icing.
  • Increases visibility performance for the windshield, side

windows, and rear windshield.

  • Comes in all in one small packaging for easy storage.
  • Applicable for all types of auto glass.

Ultra-high-water repellent formula manufactured to establish safe driving and clear visibility with less reliance on windshield wipers. 

Anti - fogging Agent  For Glass  Mcar pro, is a powerful water repellent solution designed precisely for the windshield and glass portions of a vehicle. Safety and visibility are crucial during rainy and snowy weather conditions.

Once Anti - fogging Agent  Mcar pro comes in contact with the glass surface, the liquid formula will bond and spread to repel water and to turn droplets into tiny beads, thus making the usage of windshield wipers a seldom occurring event.

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