Automotive Engine Ceramic Coating Liquid

Adopting US nanotechnology newest laminating factor film forming technology, this product turns into a transparent protection film on the surface of wires and engine components. It is helpful for improve the wire performance of anti-interference and reduce the risk of wire aging, leakage, short circuit of the rubber components. What’s more, the coating agent also has an amazing impact of anti-rust, anti-corrosion,damp-proof, oil-proof, durability, insulation, which keep car engine to be glossy.

Engine coating

Glossy again without smell

Car beauty expert

Use on the exterior engine pipe and engine head cover, to prevent the static, circuit and pipe from aging and causing self-ignition. Oil and dust proof improve the engine heating situation

Are you bothered by these problems?

The engine is covered with grease, tarnish, circuit aging, rust, etc.

What if I don't clean up in time

Dust and sludge accumulate, the line aging leads to increased fuel consumption, spontaneous combustion, etc.

Car spontaneous combustion Increased fuel consumption

Engine coating 5 advantages

  1. Wash free Neutral formula without dangerous washing
  2. Not hurting No damage to plastic, rubber or wiring
  3. Decontamination Infiltration and dissolution of stubborn oil
  4. Easy to use Spray and wipe, saving time and effort
  5. Anti-aging Clean and maintenance, glazing anti-aging

Permanent Protection

Engine coating, the company's main research and development products, Long-lasting cleaning effect of water agent, low environmental pollution, strong.. cleanliness, etc.                

Usage method

(It is suggested to use with engine cleaning agent for better effect)

01 Use engine cleaning agent to clean the dirt on the engine and dry it with towel

02  Evenly spray engine coating on wiring harnesses, various pipes and other components in the engine bay.

03 Wipe it evenly with clean towel.

04  Finish the coating.new as before.


  1. It need to apply after engine cooling.(surface temperature < 50℃,not hot)
  2. Operate under 49℃ and avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Do not swallow, keep out reach of children, and away from fire.

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