Reasons for you to periodically maintain the interior of your car


Adopting US cutting-edge nanotechnology, this product make a reaction of nano-class hydrophobic(the lotus effect), through the orderly arrangement of molecules. After spraying, the agent penetrates into interior leather and turns into protective film, while keeping interior leather features without changing appearance. The protective film is a breakthrough progress in terms of waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial. Prevent oxidation and aging of caused by UV damage to leather and extend the effect to keep the interior clean. This product is a neutral formula.


1. Efficiently prevent oil, sweat, dust, juice and other contaminants from invading the leather.
2. Enhance car interior leather tenacity, and be more durable.
3. Unique anti-mold formula, effectively inhibit mold growth.
4. Make dermis bright as new, no fading, no deforming, easy to clean.

How to apply:
1. Use the interior cleaning agent to clean the car interior parts.
2. Dry the interior out with towel.
3. Spray the interior coating agent on the sponge and wipe evenly on car interior. 4. Wait for 20-50 minutes, when the surface is dry and a little sticky, wipe it gently with a clean dry towel. 5. After coating, the interior immediately shows glossiness and texture


Say goodbye to Whitishness, Fading, Aging


  • It will protect the interior, plastic , rubber, leather surface from water and liquid stains.
  • Can easily be applied using the applicator block with suede cloth.
  • Extends the life-span of interior leather components on automobiles, RVs,

trucks, boats, and other watercrafts.

  • Designed with a new cutting-edge formula using nanotechnology.
  • Only a small amount is required to cover an extensive section with significant results.

Maintaining of interior, plastic , rubber , leather surfaces in your automobile is essential for extending the life- span of the material. Choosing the right solution in preserving leather products can significantly impact the look and feel of the interior.

protects interior,  plastic , rubber ,Leather  artificial and genuine leather from fading and staining, all the while preserving its authentic color and smooth touch.

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