HARTWACHS BMP - Long-lasting preservative (1 l) 2001

HARTWACHS BMP - Long-lasting preservative (1 l) 2001

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HARTWACHS BMP - Long-lasting preservation (1 l) 2001

Long term preservative.

Roughness: 0
Gloss: 9.2 Formula

developed according to the specifications of Daimler-Zulasung for long-term paint preservation and paint protection during transportation and parking in dealer parking lots. Silicone polymers protect against atmospheric precipitation and other contaminants. Gives them a long-lasting mirror shine and unique smoothness. Removes preservative residues and plastic stains reliably and quickly. Prevents staining and damage to the vehicle's appearance. It has strong hydrophobic properties, allowing the vehicle to look clean for a long time during operation. Stable protection for 8-10 car washes. Apply from fall to spring.

Recommended use

Shake the can several times, apply by spraying the composition through the trigger (999003) and spread with a sponge (999038). Use microfiber cloth (999241) for surface treatment.


At a temperature of +15°C to +25°C!
Don't freeze!