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Graphene Ceramic uses the latest in nanotechnology to create an incredibly strong and versatile coating that anyone can use. This breakthrough technology can be applied to any surface, allowing for greater versatility and true-to-size application. Whether you are a first time coating user or a professional detailer, our Graphene Coatings are guaranteed to work month after month.


Revolutionary technology created with Graphene Ceramic

Graphene Ceramic Coating uses an innovative Graphene Ceramic blend that bonds to form an impenetrable protective layer. Our unique chemistry makes the Graphene Matrix easier to install than ever before. The Graphene coating does not harden or crystallize like conventional ceramics, reducing the risk of irreversible high marks or streaks.

Graphene coating - 5 years of protection

The durability of Graphene Matrix Coatings is rated in years, not months like many spray "Coats". Once applied, our Graphene Coating forms a permanent bond with the finish to protect and repel contaminants.


Hydrophobic nanotechnology

Graphene Ceramic Coating's unparalleled ability to resist contamination is due to its extremely high surface angle, which removes water and contaminants while reducing the risk of corrosion, water spots and staining. In addition to being resistant to abrasion, weathering and oxidation, Graphene Ceramic Coating creates a layer that forms an almost impenetrable barrier on the surface once applied. Future maintenance, such as clay bars and light polishing, can be performed to correct possible defects in the coating, without losing its integrity, resulting in a final ability to covered almost permanently.

How to prepare for the application

  1. Clean dirt, dust and dirt on the surface.
  2. Clay bar to remove any coarse dirt from the surface to ensure there are no impurities affecting coating properties.
  3. Polishing / Compound to remove any paint defects in the form of scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. Graphene Ceramic is a semi-permanent coating so once applied, any imperfections will remain sealed underneath.
  4. Deep clean any polishing oils or surface residue that may inhibit adhesion
  5. Removes residual water that may be hidden under panel openings, headlights or taillights that could leak out and interfere with coating curing.

Install the notes section

Temperature and humidity can play an important factor in “flash” time (the time from application to when the coating is ready to be wiped off). We recommend applying at temperatures between 20-25*. At higher temperatures the flash will be quicker, so test using a small portion first to determine operability before moving on to the rest of the vehicle.

Graphene Ceramic can be applied to any painted, plastic or glass surface (including windshields).

How to register

Ensure surface is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated with cleaning . The cleaner the surface, the better the bond!

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Apply a few drops of Graphene Ceramic to your applicator until evenly coated.
  3. Starting with the horizontal/top surfaces first, apply in slightly overlapping straight lines from one line to the next. Work in small areas about 3'x3' or the size of a door or half a hood at a time. Temperature and humidity will determine the allowable coverage between application and removal.
  4. The application material must glide smoothly over the surface while applying an even coat. If the app starts dragging or the app becomes inconsistent, apply additional drops to the app.
  5. Immediately after application you will notice a “Rainbow Effect” (More common on dark colors) while the top coat is applied bonded to the surface. About 1-3 minutes after application, "Showers" will start to turn into mist/mist, this means the coating is ready to be removed. (Temperature and humidity will speed up the flash time. Test a small area before continuing onto the rest of the vehicle.)
  6. Using a premium microfiber towel (Preferably our Utility Towel), wipe this section thoroughly to remove Graphene Coating residue. Your first wipe will remove about 80% of the residue, and your second wipe will easily remove the rest. Use small, circular motions and little or no pressure during removal.
  7. IMPORTANT: Be sure to check adjacent panels to make sure you're not "pushing" excess coating to other areas. (We recommend using a flashlight or smartphone light to check to make sure any residue is gone. If you don't remove all residue during flash, it will become a black stain. after curing and may require polishing or reassembly for removal) So be careful and keep checking your work before moving on to the next step.
  8. Repeat these steps as you move along the rest of the vehicle. Coat painted, plastic, decorative and glass surfaces in the same way. When layering a minimum of one hour between coats.
  9. Apply substance B and apply it repeatedly and evenly until it is wiped clean without a towel. Wipe the stain with a towel ;
  10. After 2 hours, or bake with a high heat grill gun.
  11. Allow coating to dry/cure completely for at least 48 hours before wet. The longer it dries the better, as it will continue to cure for about 5 days (you CAN drive during this time).

Wash and cure the coating as outlined in our curing procedure.



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