Tires like new

The product is manufactured according to advanced technology, combining the functions of cleaning, brightening and protecting, removing all kinds of marks and patches on the stains. In addition to UV resistance, a unique rubber lubricant helps to clean steel ring and light walls, prevent aging, cracking and fading, maintain elastic length and prolong service life. . The author forms a highly protective layer, making it water resistant, oil resistant and stain resistant. Light page, like new shadow.


1. Mode protection, anti-aging, anti-oil, anti-fouling, anti-cracking and paint color, maintain elasticity, prolong service life.
2. Waterproof, eco-friendly, high gloss, clear effect



      Optimizing maintenance

      1. Deep moisturizing and curing
      2. Slow down tire aging
      3. Long-lasting water and dust resistance
      4. Save labor, time and money
      5. Environmentally friendly
      6. Refreshing Gloss

      of tires Tire aging culprit, have you recruited yet?
      Because tires are constantly exposed to asphalt, cement, muddy roads and other harsh environments, if not properly maintained, it can easily cause tire problems such as aging, cracking and fading. , seriously affecting the safety of driving.


      1. Tires will wear out as the weight of the tire changes when it turns a corner and when the driving space is uneven.
      2. The tire will lose its shape when the pressure increases and the sidewall of the tire is prone to cracking.
      3. It is inevitable that the tire will hit the sand when driving, especially for the side wall of the tire. Tires are very easy to scratch and some corrosive substances will stick to them, causing the tires to age quickly.

      The importance of tire maintenance. The quality of your tires plays an important part in safe driving. According to statistics, 40% of car accidents are caused by aging tires, of which the rate of this tire is up to 70%.
      That's why it's important to maintain your tires

      Tire coating material Palm wax and tire protection elements Palm wax:
      has polishing and hydrophobic function, commonly used in car wax and leather. Rubber protection factor: can penetrate the rubber, repair it and form a protective layer on top of it.

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