Special effects of Car Engine Cleaner Liquid Macar Pro ?

Car Engine Cleaner Liquid For Car Detailing

Adopting advanced super-concentration technology, this product can emulsify and decompose stains on the engine surface. The agent removes all stains effectively and easily, and no damage to components, that clean and protect in one step. It is suit for stubborn oil and stain on cars, motorcycles and other mechanical engine clean.


  1. Engine-specific cleaning agent.
  2. Non-pungent odor, no corrosion to engine pipes, lines, aluminum alloy nose
  3. Popular in high-end beauty shops, mid-to-high-end cars


How to apply:

  1. Dilute the cleaning agent with water in a proportion of 1:(5-10)
  2. After the engine cools down, spray the agent evenly on the surface, wait a moment and clean the oil deposits and dust with a brush or towel.
  3. Finally, wipe with a towel and water.
  4. If there are too much or stubborn stains, add more cleaning agent or make the liquid with higher concentration, wait more time to wipe it.



  1. Avoid high-temperature application (please under 40℃)
  2. Do not add too much water, Please seal and store it after opened.
  3. Keep away from Children. 

Engine Cleaner

Rapid dissolution

Clear stubborn

Material protection

High concentration

Scientific formula


Engine Cleaner Agent

Decontamination clean without leaving marks

Car beauty expert

It can effectively remove stubborn stains on the engine surface, oil stains, easy to clean, and will not leave traces on the surface


Have you ever troubled by these problem?

Engine dust and sludge accumulation, line aging

Dust covered, Line aging, Sludge accumulation ,Self- ignition

The hidden dangers of cars Can not be ignored

Sludge accumulation, oil leakage, liquid leakage, line aging

Sludge build up, affecting heat dissipation

Line aging, short circuit fire

Stain, goodbye

The water agent cleaning agent has long-lasting effect, low environmental pollution and strong cleanliness.

Usage method

01 spray agent on the place to be treated(more on heavy dirt)

02 Wipe oil with gloves to accelerate dissolution

O3 Small space can be cleaned with a thin brush

04 After the oll is dissolved, wipe it off with a towel.


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