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Service B

Others might call it a regular service visit. But at Macar Pro service, Service B is when our skilled technicians do what they do best. With their comprehensive training below, as well as the use of the latest diagnostic and testing tools, they can help ensure that your Mercedes-Benz is running at optimum performance. When it comes to dedicated car care, our technicians are committed to delivering the best experience or nothing.

It is one of the most sophisticated machines ever devised by man. So, before your Mercedes-Benz gets its scheduled Service B check, we want you to have it checked by our technician. More than mere mechanics, they are trained to work specifically on highly complex technologically advanced engineering marvels. Mercedes-Benz car.

Even the replacement of brake fluid must be handled correctly. They know that a single air bubble can disrupt critical safety systems like PreSafe Bake and Disctronic+. After being certified by Macar Pro, we are committed to continuous training to keep up to date with new technologies invented and proprietary by Macar Pro service. And even after they get the advanced certificate, they have to pass the required courses every year. So you see, they are also checked on a schedule. When we say best or nothing, we're not just talking about our cars.

Finding out how your Mercedes-Benz has performed since its last 10,000-mile service is more than just a mechanic's intuition. Macar Pro service technicians must have extensive training and in-depth knowledge that only people who work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles have. Someone familiar and knowledgeable about any and all new Mercedes-Benz technologies. So during your Service B maintenance, when all major systems and components are checked, you can be sure that you are a skilled technician we will look at all the right places and absolutely nothing will be missed. In a way, they can relive your car's life since its last visit and they've thought about its next 10,000 miles. Delivering the safety, performance, and engineering excellence of Macar Pro service. It's not just part of their job, it's also their passion.

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 List of items in maintenance service package B:


The implementation time of this service package is 90 -120 minutes, including the following items:

  1. Replace genuine engine oil.
  2. Replace the engine oil filter.
  3. Reset the display modes in the instrument cluster (only for vehicles with ASSYST - maintenance warning system).
  4. Check the mandatory lights: headlights, turn signals, control lights, signal lights, hazard lights, interior and exterior lights.
  5. Check the lamp washing system.
  6. Check the horn system.
  7. Replace the wipers and clean the windshield.
  8. Check fluid levels in engine cooling system, anti-corrosion and refill if necessary.
  9. Check the brake system (including disc and brake pads).
  10. Check the couplings / connecting rods of the steering system.
  11. Check the suspension.
  12. Check tires, tread depth and tire pressure (including spare tire)
  13. Check hinges and bonnet locks.
  14. Check the battery.
  15. Change brake fluid (32,000 km/time).
  16. Change the engine air filter (24,000 km/time).
  17. Replace the air conditioner filter (air conditioner filter).
  18. Cleaning the drainage system..
  19. Check the oil pipes.
  20. Check the vent system and fuel tank.
  21. Check fuel connections and hoses.
  22. Check the V-belt.
  23. Visually inspect the main assemblies for leaks.
  24. Check the seat belt system and buckle.
  25. Check the transmission.
  26. Check the ABC suspension (if applicable)

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Let us keep you updated on your Mercedes-Benz maintenance. Our Service Center is full of amenities such as a luxurious lounge, ample parking, shuttle service, coffee, and much more! Not to mention, we have a team of Macar Pro Certified Service staff ready to assist you with anything you may need. Book your next appointment on our online appointment booking program!

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